Below are just a few examples of my journalistic writing. Here you can find clips about topics that range from music to sports to longer investigations. You can also find a little piece about squirrel fishing.

One year in the system explained by a Seattle-area foster mom (The Evergrey)

Home: Seattleites talk about where they live (Seattle Weekly)

King County’s daycare dilemma (Crosscut.com)

Do no harm: How to talk about and report on suicide (Storify)

The High Desert (Elko Daily Free Press)

DUI in Elko series (Elko Daily Free Press)

Access to mental health cut off in rural communities (Elko Daily Free Press)

Dangerous drives (Elko Daily Free Press)

Sinkholes open view into history (Elko Daily Free Press)

Holy Ghost! plays dance music – sometimes for hipsters who don’t dance (San Diego Citybeat)

Indie darlings The xx channel post teenage angst and top-40 pop to create lovely, bedroom lullabies (San Diego Citybeat)

A question of identity (Orange County Register)

The gospel of San Diego’s Delta Spirit (San Diego Citybeat)

Blind Pilot aren’t as sad as they sound (San Diego Citybeat)

Mainstream radio will never be ready for a hot black chick that hyperbolizes sex more than America hyperbolizes war (Orlando Weekly)

College kids take to the beach to fish for rodents (San Diego Citybeat)

Trashed: The meteoric rise and sudden fall of the WUSA (San Diego Citybeat)

UCLA looks to turn a national runner-up season into gold (CBS Sports)

Ghost of the highway (Orlando Weekly)

UCLA dominates UConn (CBS Sports)