And that’s why you always leave a note

f47db4327d68f7bc38f0feab94c9632177ff2ecf4a31ee6836c1f86096aecc0aI’ve always used social media for thoughts, rants, explanations, and the like, but this is the spot where I post them in the long form. Want a five-page explanation of why High Fidelity is the best movie in history? It’s coming, right here, I promise. This blog is named after a bit in Arrested Development in which the Bluth family patriarch is constantly trying to teach lessons, one of which ends up being that children should always leave a note if you use up all the milk. The lessons come off heavy handed, but are well-meaning. I hope I can do better than that obviously, but this space is still a reminder (or a lesson?) that sometimes I can’t explore complicated things in 140 characters. And that we all need a healthy sense of humor.